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Demijnes, a free-spirited bird, roots in the Hague, with long hair and bangs. Known as an artistic, energetic, and driven person. 

By the age of 14, she started playing a borrowed acoustic guitar at a camp. Copying friends, making notes, and playing along. 

Singing and making music lead her to teach herself other instruments. The piano stole her heart. In her words, ‘As a highly sensitive person, music is my way to get close to my deepest self, a way to cope with emotions.’ Experiencing the energy and fulfillment of making music helped her through major personal growth. 

Growing up listening to sixties music, demijnes became a real fan. Loving the purity of the ballads, the harmonized voices, and the energy of rock music. Sixties music became her inspiration, singing the Beatles Yesterday, as one of her first cover songs accompanied by her guitar.  

She started covering songs from all kinds of music she could lay her hands on.

As a gamer, demijnes found support for her singing in the gaming community. This community challenged her to get out of her comfort zone. She started streaming live, singing while playing the piano. Breaking free musically.