j0yrid3r, also known as Fluffy, is a self-taught songwriter and music producer. He started playing bass guitar by the age of 11.  He started making digital music by the age of 18 using an Atari ST and Cubase. 

He got inspired by all kinds of music. In his words, ‘music is based upon basic principles like vibration and frequency. Which makes it a means to communicate. That is why music can overcome cultural differences’.

As a songwriter, j0yrid3r is always trying to write suitable and challenging songs for the artist. When writing songs, there’s no specific genre. Saying, ‘a good song is a good song no matter the music or genre. Music is about emotions. You’ve got to feel it’.  

As a producer, he enjoys working closely with the artist. He feels producing music for an artist is all about understanding, mutual respect, and growth. Growth, not only as an artist but also as a person.